PACKTECH SEAL PAKISTAN is incorporated with a keen desire to provide the total support package and most qualitative, reliable and trustworthy adhesive tapes in Pakistan. PACKTECH SEAL PAKISTAN’s reputation for quality and reliability has made it a trusted name throughout Pakistan. Our position as a market leader was built on our total dedication, consecration, and pride in jobs well done and foreseeing the needs of the industry.

PACKTECH SEAL PAKISTAN has a long history of pioneering innovation and its services are some of the best known and most trusted in the packing material industry. Being a well-experienced company in adhesive packing tapes e.g. Scotch Tape, Brown Packing Tape, Gum Paper Tape, Double Sided Foam Tape, Cloth Tape, Double Side Tissue Paper Tape, Double Side Plastic Tape, Colour packing Tape, Milky White packing Tape, Masking Tape, Pipe Rapping Tape, Aluminum Tape, BOPP Scotch packing tape, Packing Tape, Adhesive Tape, Transparent Tape, Office Stationery Tape, Kraft paper tape, Printed Packing tape, Colorful Tape, Tape Dispenser etc. And all kind of packing solutions.

At PACKTECH SEAL PAKISTAN our fundamental responsibility is discovering, developing and delivering innovative adhesive products, printing and manufacturing services that can make a difference in price of the packing materials. We believe that fulfilling this responsibility in a sustainable manner entails high ethical standards and a culture that values honesty, integrity, and transparency in all that we do.

To maintain PACKTECH SEAL PAKISTAN’s edge, we provide the most competent and capable network of marketing staff, professionals, skills, resources, products, and services that needed to lead the industry of adhesive packing tapes in any environment. We continue developing more and more breakthroughs to dominating the local packing tape industry and compete more effectively overseas. PACKTECH SEAL PAKISTAN has a workforce of more than 20 employees, 18 skilled employees, 2 engineers specialized in manufacturing of adhesive tape industry and more than 3 management professionals.

Through our years of determination and unparalleled dedication to superior services and customer satisfaction, PACKTECH SEAL PAKISTAN has grown to become the industry’s leading service provider for packing solutions. PACKTECH SEAL PAKISTAN’s reputation in the Pakistan market comes from all the attempts to following national and international standards.

PackTech Seal Pakistan was established in Pakistan in 2004. PackTech Seal Pakistan is an innovative and dynamic rapidly growing company specializes in manufacturing and supply of Adhesive packing tapes. PackTech Seal Pakistan has established an operational base in Lahore to give service at entire Pakistan.The company`s major strengths originate from building positive relations between its customers/suppliers and its staff members. The company is operating with credibility, punctuality, and professionalism to meet high standards of service and performance on a real win-win basis.