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Pack Tech Seal Pakistan supplies colorful tapes, masking tapes and attractive duct tapes for DIY projects to make sure a clean, professional finish. Weather-resistant painters tape is perfect for long-term or outside projects.

Use adhesive transfer tape to bond decorative trim or circuits that need to be hidden away. Our durable, self-sealing adhesive tapes allow you to seal, hold or strengthen almost anything during your renovation or fix-up projects.

Pack tech Seal PRODUCTS

All thats good, nothing thats not.

PACK TECH SEAL PRODUCTS, LTD. Pack tech Seal is a converter and wholesaler of pressure sensitive self-adhesive tapes and dispensers. We only sell to distributors and other converters Рnot to end-users.

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    Double-Sided Foam Tape helps you complete your projects. It is faster, safer and more versatile
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    Double Sided Tissue Tapes are lightweight tissues coated with a rubber based adhesive.
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    Gummed brown tape is a type of tape made from brown paper that has dried glue on one side.
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    Milky White Tape is good for all purpose of packing, Handy for use in office and home.